Monday, May 6, 2019

📦TFC Prop Box

Everyone knows Lakia, but do you know my alter ego: 
Lakia Fashae {That Fashion Chick}?!
I'm preparing a batch of videos so I can be on camera regularly.
When you tune👀 into 🎥Fashae Finesse by TFC, it will be an experience! 

🎨Being a creative, I'm designing my own world of fashion.👩‍💻
 {Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself} - Style. Confidence. IT! 
 I will show you who this chick is....dun, dun, duuuun! 🤩🤣

💋💭I made these video props below.  Too cute!



The props are for a segment called "Spotting That Fashion Chick", to express fashion do's and don'ts. It will be fun!😎

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