Wednesday, May 9, 2018

✫9 Types of Styles

Photo: Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

1.  Retro ~ style that is reminiscent of fashions from the past; vintage inspired.
Example: this chick may love the 1920's style. She wears drop-waist dresses, kitten heels, pleated skirts and bell-shaped hats.

2.  Bohemian ~ also called boho. Style that has an island vibe and depicted by loose and flowy fabrics; hippie inspired. 
Example: this chick wears lightweight fabrics, rustic prints, gypsy skirts and flowy, A-line dresses.

3.  Tomboy ~ style that is boy inspired.
Example: this chick likes fitted but baggy clothes including sweatpants, hoodies, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Hat to the back, type of chick.

4. Classic ~ style that never gets old. It's usually in uniform with traditional apparel; business inspired.
Example: this chick likes denim, white button-ups, pencil skirts, and black heels.

5.  Preppy ~ style that depicts a school's uniform, of high standard.  A clean-cut image; girly inspired.
Example: this chick wears cardigans, feminine blouses, cute headbands, Mary Jane's and pearls.

6.  Luxe ~ style that is upscale and superior quality; luxury inspired.
Example: this chick likes designer clothes head-to-toe, including makeup and fragrance.

7.  Eccentric ~ style that is unorthodox to traditional dressing.  It can be quirky or bizarre; art inspired.
Example: this chick likes items that "don't match". She also likes wildly fun hair and makeup looks.

8.  Gothic ~ also called goth. Style that is dark and gloomy and a bit mysterious.
Example: this chick likes black clothes, black nails, black lips and black hair.

9.  Punk ~ also called punk rock. Style that is inspired by rock and roll music; including subcultures of rock.
Example: this chick likes Doc Martens, wallet chains, customized clothes, Mohawks and different color hair.

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