Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's Next...??

Before returning to my regular fashion program, I want to say this:

{Experience ~> Awareness = Wisdom}
{Thought ~> Opinion = Perception}

My life's mantra is "Living Life as Art". No matter what, it's divinely mine.
Art gives me life. Perception and opinions, give me art.

Communication is Key.
Faith is Key.
Love is All.
{regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation}

We all hurt from something.  
It takes courage and faith, to face the pain - in order to create that self-antidote.
We are reflections of each other.


I learned a wealth of information from the White House Summit on The State of Women. 
I love this phrase: "Together, We Are Stronger".


If your goals don't challenge you, think bigger and fully embrace the journey. You are an inspiration to someone!

Have a beautiful day! =D


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