Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fashion has to evolve...

Fashion Week is almost over and it's okay.

I read a few reviews about the Spring 2015 RTW Collections that showed. A review that stood out to me in particular:

'In fashion, staying relevant is the hard part' by Robin Givhan

Robin Givhan is a well respected fashion critic and writer.

 As I picked TFC's favorite collections, the thought 'where is fashion going?' was constant. I respect all of my fellow fashion designers on all levels. The process it takes to create a cohesive collection or your own kind of fashion is a hell of a process.

Fashion Week sure felt reminiscent of previous seasons...a lot of those pieces popped up again without new life. 

Clearly it wasn't all bad, because I have more faves to pick. Though it is true: in fashion, staying relevant is the hard part.

That's why knowing the industry and growing with the evolution of fashion & technology {which is huge} will warrant a realistic fashion life span. Sometimes you have to pull back and regroup, but always test {TEST} markets. 

'Too trendy' makes room for new authenticity, which can become trendy but we must continue to grow with our original aesthetics.
I can't wait to share the trend-forecast
There are some dope pieces and style themes for next spring that a TFC should be excited about.

 Then we'll go full force into fall/winter fashions and style!


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