Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's a Collaboration: Band of Outsiders + Starbucks

Another collaboration has hit the Starbucks stores…it’s their collaboration with Band of Outsiders!
The mugs feature a special design -‘drip’- which pays tribute to founder and creative director Scott Sternberg’s. This collaboration comes via Steven Kolb, Chief Executive of the CFDA. It's the fifth collaboration for Starbucksremember this one with Charlotte Ronson?


Get The Scoop!!:
Who: Band of Outsiders {popular LA based clothing label} + Starbucks
What: Collaborated on two exclusive mugs: The Band of Outsiders for Starbucks Limited Edition Designer Ceramic Mugs (12 oz.)
When: TODAY! June 24, 2014
Where: 9,000 Starbucks stores {& online store HERE}
Price: $14.95 {US} $16.95 {Canada}

The simplicity of the design says a lot without saying. Great inspiration to start the day...coffee too! =D

Starbucks, Band of Outsiders

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