Thursday, May 1, 2014

That Fashion Chick {TBT}: Alexander McQueen Exhibit {Met Ball}

It's always humbling and soothing to take a trip down memory lane. That Fashion Chick has really been doing its thing {patience is a virtue we possess}.

That Fashion Chick, LLC is creating its own fashion space for true fashion chicks and all fashion lovers. We focus on the art and craft of fashion, to inspire and be inspired by all genres of style. 

Fashion blogging turned into a new fashion love, when initially I was just trying something new {it wasn't popular at all...shoot, I was even laughed at for my fashion degree but NOW fashion is at an all-time high *gotta laugh and follow your instincts* YOU young chicks

My first blog ever was called 'What's on the Gals Mind', in which I designed and did a lot of the posting. It was never a part of the plan, but heeey I'm a fashion marketer too *wink, wink*. Inspiration is the aim {give and take}. Cheers to the Fashion Life!


Here's a classic post on That Fashion Chick: 

Photo: Alexander McQueen {Exhibit}

TFC Thursday, April 14, 2011:
On May 2 the annual Met Ball kicks off the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute's new exhibit, Savage Beauty, a display of the late iconic designer, Alexander McQueen's work.

Alexander McQueen is truly missed. His work lives on and this is a great way of displaying a piece of his legacy.  I always saw his pieces as moving art; a true inspiration for me as a designer.
Check out the complete post HERE! =D
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