Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zac Posen is doing bridal..with David's Bridal + Watch This!!

Zac Posen

It was just announced shoe designer Jeffery Campbell is tapping into the bridal market, and there's another designer...Zac Posen! I can actually see this for ZP. He knows the woman's body very well and his gowns have a distinguished aesthetic. I would really like to see his point of view on wedding gowns. It will be a collaboration between fashion designer Zac Posen and David's Bridal launching Feb 2014, called Truly Zac Posen.

 There are six ivory styles will range from $850 to $1,350. Five social occasion dresses, in neutrals and one lavender-threaded silvery jacquard print, will go for $195 to $225.. David's Bridal exects reached out to ZP looking for a 'dramatic red carpet movie aesthetic'...they've got the right guy!

USA Today

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