Monday, March 18, 2013

Designers headed to court again?! {Yummie Tummie & Spanx}

Here's some interesting news. Heather Thomas of Yummie Tummie {shape wear for children} and President of Times Three Clothier, LLC is accusing Spanx, INC. of copying several of her control-top camisole designs.

This story gets better and even more interesting at the end when Thomas describes her special combat look?! Get the scoop HERE.

At left: Yummie Tummie's Original tank top. At right: Spanx's Top This cami. Both: tank tops.

This is a big issue for designers. Seems like a lot of designers have been going to court for copyright infringement lately. Sara Blakley of Spanx {who was just featured on one of  Fortune's Billionaire List}  had this to say:

 "Spanx was making shaping camisoles long before Yummie Tummie. We have no further comment." 

Welp, let’s see how this one turns out!

NY Mag

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