Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trend Alert?!: Meggings {for men}

Chicks check out these 'meggings' this haS already taken Manhattan, NY by storm.

Fellas...Guys, really??

photo: Daily Mail

Personally, I better not catch my boyfriend in a pair, well unless he's a rock star. Rock stars have the whole tight clothes things down, some sexy even.  I can't lie, Russell Brand is a guilty pleasure...he has interesting clothing choice {some questionable}.

photo: Daily Mail

BUT, for the everyday fella...hmmm.  It seems like the chicks are sharing clothes with the opposite sex.  I get it.  Guys, you're clothing combos have been limited for a while now {t-shirts, jeans, blazers, sweaters and collar tops pretty much sum it up}.  If you check male fashion history, guys used to really dress...tight clothes and all lol.

Meggings are something else.  Yeah, meggings will show off a nice tush and sculptured legs, but do we need to see everything?!

Guys from me to you: Please think again OR your shirt/jacket better come to your knees!

Daily Mail

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