Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trend Alert!!: Next season's 'IT' bag....maybe?! { Saint Laurent, Mulberry Willow or...}

Uh oh!  We love it when the new ‘it’ thing comes along, like the ‘it’ shoe, bag, perfume and so on.  A writer at Refinery 29 is professing her love for what she thinks is the new ‘it’ bag {possibly}. 

Can’t say it's a bad choice either, check it out:

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 12 Bag in Black Leather

Now, there is another bag that is getting attention too…the Mulberry Willow! Check IT out:

Mulberry Willow

Then, there is the Proenza Schouler bag(s) releasing next year {early spring '13} with the Mulberry and Saint Laurent, Check it out:

  Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 bag
$1575 - $1725 
Pre-order here

I personally {if I had the $$$$} would go for the Proenza Schouler……What do you think.
Which looks to be the ‘it’ bag next spring'13?

The Cut, Refinery, Purse blog
Mulberry, Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler

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