Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spotting That Fashion Chick: Silvia Closet {via}

A Fashion Chick possesses a great sense of style naturally and it does not have to be "trendy".
There are many different style personalities. A {ThatFashion Chick isn't necessarily boxed into one...she makes any style her own.

I prefer a classic/simple-chic with an edge. I can apply my personal aesthetic to which ever style I'm feeling at the moment {whether dressed up or down}.

That Fashion Chick:

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”~ Coco Chanel

This is Silvia Closet ~ Follow her via HERE!

Great look for fall too!
Source: via That on Pinterest

I am digging Silvia's style! It's a great example of classic/simple-chic with an edge.  She has the whole denim on denim {trend} working for her.  Silvia's colors are monochromatic with the blues and browns. Her accessories are simple, but also compliment the studs on her clog heels. Silvia stuck to her style personality while keeping the balance and flow {rules of style including hair & face} in mind. #DiggingTheStyle!~ Lakia Fashae' Closet

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