Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trend Alert!! That Fashion Chick's favorite trends

This Spring is popping with color, and it looks to be lasting through winter .  I just wanted to point out some of my favorite trends and share a few tips on how to wear them, so they can pop that much more!  I will say, almost every trend has some form of color blocking.

Trend Alert!!

 {Starting top left corner, going row by row.  Highlighted so no confusion}

  • Floral Prints - this print style never gets old, just keep it fresh! Pair with solids that allows the print to stand out.
  • Printed Nails - nails are an even bigger part of our wardrobes now!  Try different designs yourself.  Nails with themes are rocking!
  • Wedges/Sneaker - put the platform pumps to the side {for a moment} and try sneakers, wedges or wedged sneakers!  Great for comfort, something different and some extra style!
  • Peplum - this is so retro, but it works for skirts, dresses, tops and jackets/blazers! Wear what you like but keep balance and proportion in mind.
  • Day Clutch - the larger clutches are super chic!  If you choose a small clutch, try one with a strap.  Pair with chic and casual looks.
  • Mint Green - the go to color for the season! This color gives you a fresh vibrant look. Pair with other pastels, soft neutrals and white.
  • Cat Eye - this classic make up trend just got bigger!  the cat eye adds an instant sex appeal and it works on everyone!
  • Round Shades - try a pair!  Some of your top favorite celebs are all about the round shades. Try different colors and versions.
  • Color Block - keep the silhouettes simple but mix it up.  Pair with neutrals or solids. Works for clothes and accessories!

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