Friday, April 20, 2012

Lady Gaga is working with Armani!!!

I like when celebrities get things custom made by designers, it's a new look and exclusiveLady Gaga is currently preparing for her "Born this Way " tour...!

Lady Gaga is known for her over-the-top, but fashionable outfits.  Her show costumes really take it to another level.  Gaga will be collaborating with the great Giorgio Armani {again} on some of these attention grabbing costumes!

Armani is designing 4 costumes for the Asia shows, which starts April 27 in Seoul

Here are the details of the costumes according to the press release :

The first design includes a black bodice made of tubular PVC elements connected with metal studs, with mirrored metal inserts to define a curvaceous design. The ensemble is highlighted by a matching headpiece, robotic thigh-high boots, and exaggerated gloves ending in mirrored nails.

Another look is created via a shiny black grid-patterned PVC bodice with matching headpiece and embroidered ankle boots. Highlights include shoulders outlined by a play of sharp spikes, black Swarovski jet crystals and flowing fringe, creating a moving architecture.

On the third black bodice, transparent Plexiglas, black crystals and luminous studs create a Cubist composition of abstract guitars. The matching headpiece follows in the shape of a keyboard; the boots are black vinyl.

The final design is a long tunic with leg-o-mutton sleeves made of skin-toned latex. Luminous PVC elements create flashes of synthetic light inside the garment. The same avant garde lighting is featured on the triangle decorating the chest, on the headpiece, and on the platform of the matching latex ankle boots.





I love raw sketches...PRETTY HOT!!!

photos: Giorgio Armani
via Fashionista

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