Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missoni condos coming soon

Missoni is THAT fashion company! Do you remember me telling you about Missoni collaborating with Target 

Missoni is not only designing apparel, but real estate too!  A Missoni-themed residential building is opening in Manila {Philippines}.  They are working with Century Properties Group to make it happen and with a $315.9 million budget for six condominium towers.  The towers will have 645 units priced from $82,000 to $613,000.  The codominims will be called Acqua Livingstone, and they are scheduled to be completed in 2015.

“We brought our colors and our style inside. It’s a happy, positive approach: summer colors, solar colors,” Vittorio Missoni said of the 52-story building. “Coming from the outside you’re going to be surprised. … It’s like opening a box and discovering something unexpected.”

BUT ehh...this is nothing for Missoni, being that they already have Missoni branded hotels in Edinburgh and Kuwait. 

Check out the few pictures below of the décor, that is soooo Missoni!

Photos: Missoni

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