Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marc Jacobs turns down Dior??

Marc Jacobs

{Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images}


I have been waiting to get an update on the rumors of one of my favorite fashion designers, Marc Jacobs. According to, he has declined the offer to take over John Galliano's available position as head designer of Dior.

Let me fill you in briefly--over the top fashion designer, John Galliano, was fired from Dior, in reaction to his racial slurs toward two locals while at a spot in Paris.  It looks like they are stripping him of his career and forcing him to start from scratch. He was also fired from his own signature label, John Galliano.  This all took place at the beginning of the year.

After all of the madness, Marc Jacobs' name was in the forefront as a huge possible candidate to take on the job.  Not a bad idea, because he sure is more than qualified.

Though, who knows if this is set in stone, and it gets even more interesting.  Get the full scoop here!

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