Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kanye West the designer

Okay so who did not see this coming??  Well I did!  Not only did I see this coming, I was really anticipating a clothing line from Mr. West.

According to ELLEuk, Kanye West is launching a ready-to-wear label for women.  He is working with British designer Louise Goldin, in her London studio.  The line is expected to launch during New York Fashion Week.

This kind of makes sense.  Kanye West is a regular at fashion shows here and abroad, he interned with Louis Vuitton and had a limited addition of sneakers through Louis Vuitton.  It seems like he has been preparing himself for this.  SMART.  I can appreciate that.  I like when entertainers take time to appreciate the art of fashion, instead of just slapping their name on a line and calling themselves a designer.

I can't wait to see this line.  Kanye West is a true artist so I know he will deliver!


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