Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Could it really happen??!!!!

Okay,  so remember that contest I posted for fashion people to enter?? If not, watch the video below. Then scroll down!

Well...I entered the contest and made it to Round 2!!! I'm very excited, and I really want to be one of the correspondents chosen for NY FASHION WEEK.  That would mean so much to me. It would be fulfilling a dream that could be the spark of something new, whatever it may be. I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!!

To check out my profile go here and read my essay on why I should be chosen to be The Next Style Correspondent of NYFW.  If you like my essay and you would like to see me chosen, please LIKE my profile. You can do a random search or A-Z (I'm listed under That Fashion Chick Lakia Fashae'). 

Votes are not a huge factor, but it doesn't hurt and I really appreciate your support!  Thank you!!!!!!

And thank you Elle Magazine and Nokia for considering me for this amazing opportunity!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.facebook.com/nokia <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

L.Fashae :D

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