Lakia Fashae

Lakia Fashae
Fashion Designer and Creative Director 
of That Fashion Chick

Lakia Nichols is originally from Anchorage, AK where her family base resides.  She is the second oldest of six siblings and proud mother of a girl and a boy.

As a child, Lakia displayed fashion sense that would spark her fashion journey.  It was middle school in 7th grade when she set her sights on the fashion industry.  After high school, she decided to attend college to start a fashion business that shared her style expertise and admiration.  A fashion company that caters and relates to fashion lovers.

In 2009, Lakia graduated from American Intercontinental University (Buckhead, Atlanta campus now merged with the Dunwoody campus), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design/Fashion Marketing.  During college, she gained a lot of experience within the two years of working for a high-end department store.

Through this experience and new degree, Lakia became founder and co-owner of The Fashion Go 2 Gals, LLC. After two years of learning and growing as a new business owner, she launched her personal brand, That Fashion Chick, LLC. Networking and events have been great support thus far. Watching this new company grow and creatively expressing fashion, made Lakia want to contribute something memorable, unique and relatable to the fashion industry.  Fashion blogging was not in her original plans, fortunately it turned to a good idea.

Lakia is focused on catering directly to TFC's target audience, by furthering her education through fashion journalism. The goal is to be exclusive without much advertising and produce a dynamic brand image.  Fashion journalism gives a voice to fashion art, translating images into unified words.  The Academy of Art University displays a strong connection to the fashion industry with a wealth of information housed in its library as well as a list of accomplished graduates.  AAU is known for art and expressing it professionally.  This helped Lakia make the decision to attend Academy of Art University. Due to world happenings Lakia is postponing her MA degree, though valuable information will be put to use.

Lakia is known for her shy demeanor, but when she is comfortable the difference is visible.  She is another chick in the world who is in love with fashion. Lakia is about world love, balance, open mindedness and fun. In her free time, Lakia loves singing, dancing and reading.  She truly believes there's always more to what meets the eye.

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