Friday, March 8, 2024

📺Stylishly Strutting through Avakin Life:💃🏾 Fashion Frenzy!!! Another Day...

This is my first time using this new software and studio setting {DOPE!😍}. I'm  learning the CPU usage for Live Streaming...shoulda made this 2 parts, however the first 20 mins is the show in the title {Hilarious!!🤣}. The rest is funny commentary.  

The video is still  entertaining 😁 even if you were to listen like the radio. Anywho, Watch & gotta WATCH  and CLICK!!!🤭👏🏼👍

🎙Fashion Files...something like Storytime!
"Meeting & Fleeting, but we still friends tho!"
Avakin Lakia Fashae shares a moment...📺'So what happened last night?'

TFC on Twitch HERE!


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