Wednesday, February 7, 2024

🎤 TFC in the Studio!

Ya'll I have this video that should have been posted yesterday! 
All I'm say...Lakia is going the Godly route...the devil is a lie.  I rebuke you demons in the course of TRYing to stop greatness. 

Hey 🦄Chicadees. I' ll never stop. I will fight for what's mine b-t-s, but Kia gonna show up! IT!'s that time ya'll pick your side.


My show does not talk about 💥God, 📂politics or👣gender differences { TFC Loves Humanity YOU}. The TFC Show is about Fashion Life and freestyle of life! Leave me alone.*Michael Jackson voice*...camping outside my house😁😆😂

No manipulation HERE ~TFC

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Black History Month

Blame them MF's for the late post...🤣🤗 *middle finger fkrs*😁

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