Tuesday, October 3, 2023

🎥When Fashion Gets IT Right...and Wrong

 TFC is a huge advocate of sustainable fashion
Fashion news that delivers ecologically sound commitments, is right up our alley. 

Finally, after umpteen years of sweeping this issue under the rug, and "passing the buck", sustainable fashion has become a staple. The fashion Industry is moving in the right direction. Matter of fact, most industry's pertaining unwanted scraps, have formed some kind of recycling process. 

We only get one Earth right?

These videos need no intro...the titles are on IT! {Dead White Man's Clothes is an interesting expression they use...I'm referencing the YouTube titles lol 😅}.

Click that ▶PLAY button🤓👩🏾‍🏫 

            YoutTube: BBC News

             YouTube: ABC News In-depth

Just think, 🤔 if we recycle unwanted 
clothing across the world.💡🤗

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