Monday, September 5, 2022

🎨That Fashion Chick Art {Studio L. Fashae}

It wouldn't be TFC if we didn't do art.
Over the summer I worked on a few projects.
Check it out...with more to come!

Lakia Fashae

Sketching keeps me sharp🖉

Lakia Fashae

I would love to make a new collection...
✨Your imagination is your limit.✨

Above are the earrings I made for my mother! She loved them!!
I have two special birthdays in July, exactly 10 days apart. My mother and my daughter.😀💖

SN: Shop TFC is still up {NOW order via TFC🠆 direct}. TFC is an independent brand, in which mostly discovered by word of mouth. Personal approach is our focus. Exclusivity for those who appreciate art dedication. Thank YOU!💜

💥Standard Promo is in the I HEAR YOUS!!!😆😅

💁🏾‍♀️I'm stubborn about my art.😶😁 


Here are the necklaces I made for my daughter:

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