Monday, March 21, 2022

📸Runway Love: Lakia Fashae {Featuring: Miss T, Her Cool Utopia}

The dress fits!!!*fist pump*😃😅 

This is my daughter and muse, Talia AKA Miss T {from HCU}!!😍

Talia {Tu-lee-uh} is so awesome.💖 
She is such a team player, coming home to help me finish this project.
You gotta see the videos connected to this post!

We did a red carpet🎤 interview at "The Bloggie Awards" 
and she then walked in the "Runway Love Show" 
wearing Lakia Fashae.💃🏾

😄I crack myself up!😂

Part ✌🏾

You can watch via IG: thatfashionchick_com or FB: Sashae Kia!
Also, connect with Miss T via IG: hercoolutopia


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