Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Lakia, You have some 'splaining to to do!

👩🏾‍💻I be workin...

This post is to just make it clear, before I present anything a  plan is made! #TFCstyle

These two book are TFC strategies.
In the past I have done post to let my audience know how to keep their priorities in place.

You know #fashionlife

Take a look at all of the development. And, some of these notes go back as far as 2017. The devil will try to fight you for your greatness with no mercy.

It's all good. I'm a soldier.💃🏾

My plan is REAL{You hate me, I hate you toooooooo😂😆}. When I start shooting my shot, watch the bs hit. That's YOUR job {peep game} and that's all Ima say. That Fashion Chick does her thug thizzle, you feel me?? hahhaaa😂😁

S/O to my son, Cool Chris, Chris,  he is 13 today! I'm so proud of him I love my doot doot!💥😍😎


Transformers is his shyt!😁😎

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