Thursday, October 7, 2021

👄💬What's Life w/o FASHION?!!


Hey World! 
You may know this girl, 
   her name is Lakia Fashae.
She's the cool laidback type, 
just likefrom around the way.
You know, homegurl like and ready to fight,
   on anyone who thinks she's prey.
Though misunderstood by the really confused this chick has plenty to say.

She ain't come to play...!

Ask yourself: What's life without fashion?
This is an honest question.
The answer is a lot of skin, skin from women and men 
   just freeballin'.
Picture the visual. Forget it...naaah, it's too political.
Whatchu think we have personal style fo'?
How do you pick ya clothes?

Do you follow the trends, just to fit in,
  or go the extra mile to project your personal style?
Think of it like walking and displaying your personal bio.

Long story short, 
Ms. Fashae has much to report.
   it's actually greatness of some sort.

It's about you, me, he and she.
Heck all of "we".
Fashion is a hit, 
especially with That Fashion Chick.

Just bring your best
I mean best 
   Style. Confidence. IT!

   ~Lakia Fashae~

Let me get them finger snaps on that one! HeHe 😁😆


No copying or hating {though, fashion police 
are needed. I got a badge!} 😄😜

💥Your style is YOURS!

🎨 Don't I? 🎭

You should really get comfy 
and scroll through TFC's blog archive.

That says 

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