Friday, October 22, 2021

🎥Hyundai Presents Re:Style {sustainable living} Watch This!!

It looks like we have another automotive company transcending into the fashion market...apparel and accessories, that is.

Remember the Ferrari collection {Ferrari Fall|Winter 2021/2022 RTW HERE}.

The automotive company, Hyundai presents Re:Style. Re:Style is back for it's third season, presenting fashions made by upcycling discarded material from the car manufacturing process.

Hyundai's goal is to contribute to the future of sustainable living. You know healthy planet, healthy life for us all. Thus far, products include jewelry, a jumpsuit, tracksuits, a working vest, tote bags and a corset.

Re:Style is eco-friendly and stylish. 
Kudo's to Hyundai for its focus on sustainable living, while maintaining innovation.

Re:Style 2020

Re:Style 2021

Go to Hyundai's YouTube page below for further information.

🎥 YouTube: HyundaiWorldwide


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