Tuesday, August 17, 2021

👀 Building up to IT!...{Shop TFC, YouTube & Promo Plans}

I remember my first YouTube video and the funny
 thing is, it still holds true to my journey!

YouTube's platform has changed tremendously for content creators. I never really been into mass promoting my brand, because I like an organic connection to my audience {word of mouth was my original marketing plan}

👄💬NOW, I feel comfortable with the market and TFC's place in IT!

But yeeeaaahhh.....I'm still figuring out YouTube...😅.
We are going to have an awesome show! Stay tuned👀

💁🏾‍♀️Oh! and TFC'Pinterest is a glimpse into our 👄💬fashion talk. A bit different than the mainstream fashion market. 

TFC's perspective wants ✨YOU...your Style.Confidence. IT! vibe. 
My new marketing plan is coded behind the gift that keeps giving.🎁

Before I launch Shop TFC thiss....Let me just say I'm a one women show, on and off screen. Soooo, my plan has to be cohesive with my life schedule, before hitting the green light. I promise the wait is basically over. 😆😊

📬{Everything else is going to be a surprise}💌

Have and awesome day! 💖

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