Monday, July 5, 2021

🛒IT's OFFICIAL Countdown to Shop TFC!!!

🥁*Drumroll please* Shop TFC is just about ready for launch! 

Shop TFC is putting my professional skills to work! The vibe is relatabilityoriginality and FUN.

I just paid for the final workings so yeah I need to recoup. 😅 
Check out the Homepage:

Lately its been "commercials" on TFC. In real life, I'm preparing to send my daughter off to college. Also, preparing a curriculum for my son because we're doing homeschool now.

 Soooo, sparing the details, life goes on when I'm not online. Oh and I still take a day or two just for myself. 


👄💬All I'm gonna say...Shop TFC is right around the corner! 😉

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