Monday, May 17, 2021

🎨Whatchu Wearin'? {Poem}


Strutting...just a walkin'.

Hey gurl, whatchu wearin'?

Oh this outfit? It's That Fashion Chick!

Say word, who's That Fashion Chick?

She a chick you need to get wit.

Style and grace all through the place.

She's known for unique taste,

and guaranteed to put a smile on ya face.

Personal Style is her thing, 

she brings a new perspective to the average fashion fiend.

She got that fashion talk, that's solid as a rock.

Style. Confidence. IT! Yeah, that's her shyt!

You know, your body is your canvas, and it's beautiful regardless.

I'm telling you, it's That Fashion Chick,

A chick you gotta get wit!

~Lakia Fashae~


Photo: Free Creative Stuff from Pexels

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