Wednesday, February 17, 2021

📅 "Times" Have Changed At New York Fashion Week

How about fashion year-round?

Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash
These past few years, the fashion industry has embraced some vital changes. High fashion runways have never been so diversified; a rainbow of ethnic faces.  

My induction to fashion began in 2005. I was one of those designers pushing for more diversity and social awareness. Let's just say the industry has removed a major stick from you know where.  

Fashion is also becoming more eco-friendly, as well as picking manufactures with accountability. Most clothing is made abroad, in which evidence has shown the horrid conditions and treatment of workers {including children}. 

Here's the new change...simple, but major!

✨Fashion has a new calendar. Actually, the calendar has been changing for some time, referencing more than just four seasons and Resort. Designers are showing their collections based around brand production and not just industry related dates.

Photo: STIL on Unsplash
Tom Ford, prominent fashion designer and Chairman of CFDA {Council of Fashion Designers of America} announced the CFDA will no longer publish an official New York Fashion Week schedule. The new schedule is called the American Collections Calendar, featuring mostly virtual shows extended to late April. This information was released last month. The global pandemic also influenced this change.

"Wherever or however American designers choose to show their collections, it is our job as the CFDA to honor our original mission statement and to help promote and support American fashion. Therefore, we will publish on the schedule not only the schedule of designers showing in New York during New York Fashion Week but also those of American designers showing off calendar and abroad." --Tom Ford

Digital is the new normal.

New York Fashion Week was traditionally a week long event, traveling around the world to Paris, London and Milan following suit. Fast forward today, and fashion is showing almost every month. Ain't nothing wrong with year-round fashion!


Get the Scoop: Scott Sinclair, Fiona. 2021. New York Fashion Week is back for another season of shows -- but things have changed. CNN.


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