Friday, January 29, 2021

Wear That: Dress Fall|Winter 20/21

 Personal Style is the main focus at TFCWhy, you ask? Because the fashion and style options are infinite. TFC is getting away from the “trends” talk, even though trends are still relevant.

Personal style allows an individual to shine in his/her own uniqueness. Who can dispute your style as an individual? Nobody {it’s a fashion safe zone}. Fashion police are for those who wear looks that don’t quite translate into personal style.

For instance, this post references dresses that are common trends from the FW 20/21 runways, in which setting the style for the season. You will see what’s hot-t-t and use your personal style to pick the best dress(es) for you. 

People can wear a same item, but personal style says: “me”…{you}.

Let’s get into these dresses!

Dresses FW 20/21

²  Midi Dress {Falls below knees/mid-calf}

n  Long Sleeves

n  Trim Finished with Contrasting Fabrics

n  Fitted or Flared Silhouettes

²  Sweater Dress

n  Oversized Fit

n  Exaggerated Fabrics {not just sweater materials; heavy textiles too}

n  Animal Print {is the go-to Sweater Dress Print this season}

²  Maxi Dress

n  Pleated Details Overall

n  Full Sleeves

n  Pattern Play

²  Slip Dress

n  Midi Hemline

n  Lace Trim

n  Pair with Blazers and Pants {sets this dress apart}


🛍Have Fun in Your Closet or Shopping!!!💃

Photo: Dress Details HERE

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