Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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Really think about that quote.🤔  It's true.
I was honored with a cool opportunity to see Warren Buffet speak, in person .  The thing about the wealthy is that they are doers and thinkers.  I grew up in the era of building business from the grassroots, then paying it forward.  No matter the level of a person in life, opportunity is always there to accomplish the great of  good and self-worth.

Just some food for thought and random inspiration on this beautiful Tuesday!


As a blogger and journalist, it's my duty to keep you informed about TFC and all things that pertain to her.  I speak from experience and a way that opens your mind to new avenues of thought.

Sooo, this morning I was going to delight my readers with a new look of the day and the site I use {fashmates.com} has a 504 Gateway Time-out code on all my devices.  There is no message on their social media regarding this error.  I checked before writing this note.  Fashmates is no Polyvore but a decent alternative.  When I use the site, it freezes and changes my work so I actually have to screen shot my looks before shareing.  

Any who you can read my initial review on the app HERE.  Fashmates saw this review and replied to me on Twitter!

Taking in this example, being an independent business is crucial more than ever these days.


  • Operate your business exactly how you want.
  • Set your own schedule.
  • Do business with whom you see fit.
  • Create something new and different.
  • Learn life on a new levels
  • Independence = Freedom
  • Find your voice
  • You must be a self-starter
  • You must be devoted, no matter what
  • Endure hate on levels you never fathomed
  • It's lonely being independent when we live in a world of followers.
  • Be ready for all the bullshit.
  • Hearing "no" is actually cool - but can you flip it?

I've learned the hard way because I don't trust people who have not traveled the same road.  My goal is to be a source for the motivated and inspired individuals of the world.  I gives 0 f**ks who hate me or don't understand - they are just small minded and scared.  I can take on anyone mentally.  Anyone.  Those who work on themselves mentally, know this statement well.

With this being said, here's what's next for TFC:
  • My outfit is almost finished! Just gotta hem the shirt and add trimming.
  • Instead of doing an Etsy store, I'm working on a catalog that will be downloadable to TFC shoppers and we can communicate one on one.  Customer service is my favorite thing about business!  I don't want to do to many third parties, because these weirdos are just itching to make my business look less-than.
  • I will come up with new ways to share outfits too! Hopefully fashmates works again, but I will figure out new ways to create, no matter what! {I don't take it personal}
  • I'm back is school for fall semester  and looking forward to new fashion inspiration.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for my outfit!

Update: 9/12/19 Fashmates is working again! Look of the Day is coming. I still stand on what I say about business.  It's a great lesson that happens time to time.

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