Friday, August 21, 2015

Style Mood: LadyChic

'a chick who adheres to traditional style and etiquette; norms of femininity. Conservative style that is polished and elegant with chic appeal.'

A LadyChic look is a top tier style that trickles down the style chain. It's a classy style and a go-to for all occasions. Key pieces include: sheath dresses, pant suits, satchel bags, vintage hats, circle skirts, pencil skirt,  3-4" heels (today), wrap dresses, apparel gloves, and good pantyhose. From accessories to garments and even outerwear, a LadyChic look is polish with clean lines and a nice finish that will include a dazzling sent…oh and that head turning strut, chicks!

LadyChic post will be on TFC's Tumblr.


Also, I have been working on the new beginning of can no longer be a one chick biz {that's good news-business is a real journey I thought I fully understood...unil now}. It's something for my TFC's, because ya'll got IT!. Something BIG is coming.

There's always a method to the madness artist following my heART {wink, wink}! <3

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