Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fashion Life: Non-wearable fashions that are stylishly cool + a Special Note!

There is power in & me create it! =D

Special Note:

Fashion is an art. Art is clarity for me, which is expression that is subjective. Nothing is new under the sun, so being creative is based on your own perspective {opinions are okay}. 

TFC has so much in store for you fashion chicks and fellows. You will start to see everything I've done with TFC {these past 3 years, applying what I was taught and learned *a formula*}, come together sooner than later! 
Lakia Fashae' <3

The Fashion Life is deep lol

Check out another aspect of fashion...the non-wearables:


Another way I get inspired for new designs. Check out more on our board {HERE}!

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