Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feature: Cityblis {online fashion community}

Here is a kool new 'fashion media site like no other'. "Cityblis is an online fashion community enabling customers to 'buy direct from the designer'. Empowering designers to build brands. Cityblis is bringing together fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway events and trade shows under one roof to make local designers visible to an international audience."

That Fashion Chick was invited as media for which they recently launched their Cityblis Media Center

"an online press room combining ecommerce and digital publishing. This first-of-its kind online service gives reporters and journalists front row access to thousands of the world's best independent designers. Consolidating all digital content from high-resolution images to press releases into one central hub, the Media Center expands the international fashion platform to a whole new sector."

This is awesome, TFC is a part of other fashion media sites, but Cityblis is really kool because designers like myself have a great opportunity to join a community of our peers and sell our designs to customers. And now special media platforms have been added {Cityblis Media Center}...that's alot of levels in fashion all in one...we love it! This includes designers, journalist, bloggers, and others able to publish links to their articles on the Cityblis Press Page.  

Cityblis is giving designers a voice and enabling journalist to get fresh updated content. They have high resolution images, videos, livefeeds, product launches, event invitations and so on...!

"Imagine having a front row seat to New York Fashion Week - but instead of seeing it twice a year, we are bringing you new designers, new collections and new content daily", said Christopher Price. "Our vision is for every Cityblis designer to be a global brand and we will continue to build technology that enables our community to do exactly that".

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