Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prada’s Fall 2012 Campaign is Like a Fashion Video Game

Prada's Fall 2012 campaign should definetly be an interesting one to see....based off of statements in a press release about the campaign, it sounds to have been inspired by videogames.

"Shifting camera angles and an endless depth of field create a playful illusion of perspective and proportion, recalling the setting for a videogame." Steven Meisel states in the release.

"Occupying the space on multiple levels characters in the foreground appear magnified, while others recede into the distance like virtual princesses poised for combat. The models’ unified gaze creates a seductive focus as our eye navigates the frame and its unexpected dimensions. Blocks of coordinated colour created by clothing, dip-dyed hair and furniture produce a chromatic architecture for our fashion avatars."

Though there is not much info out about the new Prada campaign, this is enough to make me anxious to see more!

Photos: Fashionista

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