Friday, April 27, 2012

WatchThis!!: Lakia Fashae': Project Runway Talent Search Submission!

I am super nervous right now. This can go either way, but I need your HELP so I can at least have a fighting chance!

  I am always searching for the larger platform to display my passion for fashion as a whole.  I really have a vision of what it is I want to bring to the fashion industry, and so far I been on the right track!

I am making this a ritual of mine to try out for Project Runway every year until I get on. lol  This is tryout #2...they will get to know me quickly, because I just wont stop.  It can never hurt to try ever.  You never know what they are looking for, but I hope to get a spot on Project Runway {NOW} or in the future!

I need your help, pretty please with ice cream and sprinkles then a cherry on top << overkill??

I dont know when PR will be picking the 1 lucky person , so we have to move fast!

Please watch my video below, like and comment  and share share share! 

The support is greatly appreciated:D

*Oh and it was a long day, that is my end of day hair lol #dontjudgeme*

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