Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's My Birthday!!! **August 28th**

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my Mommy are on the trip together!! (Hi Mom *waves* lol)

Hello Everyone!! I am so excited, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am grateful to see another year and you won't believe where I am...on a MUCH need vacay in ORLANDO!!! Check out where I am staying, this place is HUGE (no exaggeration lol).

This is the Resort I'm staying at in Orlando (back view)

Nickelodeon is across the street!

Love the palm trees

More back view

The pool area is also HUGE

Taking a photo from my room!! (Check out my t-shirt)

Thank you to KASACHI WEAR for my t-shirt, a feature will be coming soon!!

I am having so much fun so far and its only day one!! Bare with me on the posting, but I will be getting some in while I am here.  Just stay tune, I'm collecting footage!!

 Lakia Fashae'


Out of Gas Clothing said...

loving your blog.

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Lakia Fashae said...

Thank you, and I will be using Ping! Let me know when your up, I would love to feature you!

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