Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Got A New Attitude!!! *singing*

Photog- Lorenzo, MUA- Pretty Polka, Hair- Britney, Style/Model-Lakia

Hey my fellow fashion comrades it's me Lakia Fashae' A.K.A, That Fashion Chick!  Every now and then I take a moment and talk to you directly to let you know what's going on.
  1. I am anxiously waiting to find out if I made it to Round 3 in the contest I entered (click here if you missed it).  I am SUPER excited and would love the opportunity to show Elle Magazine and Nokia what I'm made of.  Round 3 really allows you to shine, so I know I have to get it! 

  2. I have a cool helper on my team now (you don't get it) I am up to my ears in work and projects, this is soooo great! I like to work with young girls who have a love for fashion and a true passion for it.  It only gets better from here. ;D

    I will be doing more personal styling post as well as sharing my latest designing/sewing projects.  For starters, check out the pictures below:

Photog: Draylen Levi, MUA-Cabby, Hair- Jewels, Wardrobe- Styled & Designed by Lakia Fashae'

Yep that's me, kinda cute huh?! Lol just kidding.  

These are two pieces I designed and made.  Funny story why I'm not loaded with more accessories, but it still works.  I was going for a fun, cool look.  My confidence (that's a must in fashion) set the tone for the shot....Love it! 

Top designed and made by Lakia Fashae'
This look was fun and came together quite nicely!

I made the flowing tube-top.  I love the colors! I'm a purple girl and I really enjoyed playing on the color.  I kept it simple for my personal style...I'm a simple girl.  Believe it or not the shoes come right from shoedazzle.com!

When I saw them I had to have them! Those are 4'' platform wedges, let's just say  I was glad to be on land.  It doesn't mater the price, but it just has to look like something.  This is another fun look...love this one too!


Stay Tuned...More to come!

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