Friday, April 8, 2011

Patricia Field Is Hosting a Maxi Pad Designing Contest

This should be interesting and fun! Patricia Field, Sex and the City designer, and Kotex have teamed up for an interesting project.  Its time that us women get some Fanciness  to our feminine product needs...I mean, since we all have to deal with the same issue on a monthly basis lol! They have put together a design contest to make these products a little cutie to carry including: colorful maxi pads and tin tampon carriers.

  "I don't really know a thing about white. I see a world that's very colorful and textured with like, ice flying through it!" Patricia Field exclaims.

The contest's three winners will get to hang out with her at New York Fashion Week in September! I just might enter myself...why not?! and you should too!

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