Friday, April 25, 2014

Try these Makeup Tips via the Runway...Pastels, Chicks?!

I’m still trying to get used to doing my makeup, smh! The struggle is real…I do the basics- my eyeliner, mascara, gloss, foundation and concealer {eye shadows are tough for me}. So, I seek out other great fashion sites and makeup companies to see what I feel comfortable with trying {I leave beauty to the pros like my sisters…apparel is my thang lol}.

When it comes to makeup we are used to seeing bold, dark eyes in the fall/winter and bold, bright eyes in the spring/summer seasons.  How about trying bold, pastel eyes and lips NOW! has some cool looks you can try. Just be cautious about fitting your personal style!

Check out the different looks HERE!
I also found a complete makeup breakdown HERE!
Aesthetic Surgery Clinic {info graphic}

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