Sunday, August 4, 2019

🎮Killuminati Game {facts}

Instead of me telling my story right now, I'm going to share tactics I used to combat my enemies.  They won't stop until slavery is over.  Oh, you thought we all were free huh? This mess is actually sick and disturbing, BUT it is beatable. I beat them.

Beating them means gaining full control of your mind, body and soul.  I was reluctant to fight until I was met by the spiritual world, who told me directly: to FIGHT!

This war is mental and spiritual {same difference}.
Short story: I made a post about two people in particular {now deleted off my blog}, and they got on my ass!!!!  I fought them for two years and they couldn't get me.  I showed them they ain't shit to me, and that is not what they want.  They need your attention and an opening in your heart and mind to put their curses on you.

My Granny died in 2015 and that f*cked me up {read post here: In Loving Memory of Lena Mae Dargan}...THEY THEN GOT ME - my guard fell. Two weeks after she crossed over to the spirit realm, she visited me in a dream.  Granny didn't say anything. We were at a vendor sale in a nice area and I was looking for a necklace.  She handed me a purple glittery  key-ring in the shape of a triangle, and in the bottom right corner was a gold, engraved sword.  I said, "Granny I can't wear this, I'm looking for a necklace." She handed it to me and said nothing.  I walked to an area that was getting setup for an event.  Then I woke from my dream.

I tried to put it together.  A few nights later, a black ball of energy threw itself in my body and told me to fight, as I coughed out little balls of smoke. This started my journey of waking my soul to higher grounds and more spiritual connections appeared.  I KNOW more exists than what has been taught to the world.  The spiritual world HELPED ME 😁😊💜 {my squad}.  Plus I learned who I am, and that my conscious has never been sleep (I know how to interchange myself, blocking me from the devil - this natural ability saved my life and made me a threat to their plans).

I went through a deep, deep, deep sadness over my Granny's loss.  It took me 6 months to feel better.  Coming out this slumber, I realized something was going on in my mind - MK Ultra.  I died, well played dead and let them use me.  I was outnumbered by these vampires.  So, I played dead and LEARNED.  And I learned a lot of celebrities are victims and need people to wake up.  They are people too,  SOME.

In order to beat the devil you have to know how this thing thinks and moves...

That's all for now.

Here's a game I created when they would attack me and my children while driving.  It boils down to not running, but fighting from a different angle in your mind.  I've always been a space cadet, in my own world so this gave me the chance to unleash on they ass....and boy did I!!!😂  {They actually fear me because I'm fighting in a way that does not reveal them, so they don't know how to come at me without blowing their cover}.  Remember, there is always somebody bigger and better.

My bigger and better is GOD Energy!😇

Anywho, the game came about from their annoying attention tactics so I taxed that ass lol.  I only played a few days to preserve my pattern of being incognito.  

Check it out and create your own game, because you don't have to play theirs.  Their numbers are in the millions, but God can f*uck up any energy no matter the numbers.  Remember that!

****Mind you, I did this alone.  Ready to die if I had to {sacrificing myself to protect my family}, but they can't kill God's Child****💥  I told them they don't know who they f*cking with, thinking I'm slow and emotional ha haaaa....silly rabbit.  I play dumb until it's time to turn-up on that ass! 😜

NOW, I can share my real self.

Stay Tuned! 😍😘

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