Sunday, June 18, 2017

Style Play: Which shoe, fits you?

Update 8/3/21: Polyvore deleted fashion accounts and sold to I have no agreement to their style projections. I keep the Polyvore post because there are toooo many to delete lol. You can check out former fashion post from Polyvore via TFC's Pinterest board: Style inspiration. It's deep at the bottom. 

Hey you! I've been enjoying time with my family. Happy Father's Day to you daddies out there!


Depending on your personal style, which pair of heels would you choose?

Style Play: Which shoe, fits you?

Are you leaning towards the Bold with Spunk heels on the left, or do you prefer the Fun but Safe heels on the right? 

Both are very stylish, though each pair is speaking a different style language.

Style Plays allow us to determine our style strategy. Remember your personal style is not wrong, it's not right - it's yours!


Captain said...

Wonderful styling and set up .....something that anyone would feel great and walking around in on a beautiful summer day...2👍🏽 Up

Lakia Fashae said...

Yes, Thank you!

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