Sunday, May 8, 2016

Studio L. Fashae: Sewing and relaxation on Mommies Day!

Hope you Mommies are having a beautiful Mother's Day.


Today I have some 'me' time in Studio L. Fashae
Below is not all from today, though the jacket is finished! My challenge turned out to need an extra week...but I had a shoot and an event.  Check out SLF below.

Sew: Corduroy Spring


Completed Jacket

Sew: Denim Does IT!

Denim Project: Some times the seam ripper is a sewers best friend {well, very often}. I sewed the pants together  incorrectly- twice.

SMH, my thread! *high pitch* lol.  It worked out. You can see below...

Here. They should be facing each other.

and here {these were sewn twice}

Pants are really easy to sew. Though, this part is tricky.

In this part, the Blue Denim is pinned {in a U} to sew crotch...see the Rust Denim for the finish.

More to come! =D

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