Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pantone: 2014 Fall Colors {Women}

Pantone is describing it as "the season of untypical colors" and I can see why. The typical Autumn colors include more nature and neutral tones; this season is all about that color POP

These different colors bring excitement to the season...natural mood lifters for the cold weather as well as optimism for next season. It won't be dark and cold for too long. Stay warm!

Pantone: 2014 Fall Colors {Women}

  1. Cognac - great evening color adding "glamorous illusions"...expect this color takes your look to another level.
  2. Cypress - stunning and magnetic adding a sense of a presence of power to your look.
  3. Mauve Mist - gives off femininity and women empowerment.
  4. Bright Cobalt - carrying green undertones, adds a soft twist to the traditional cobalt blue.
  5. Radiant Orchid - captivating and adaptive shade that is the glue for all Pantone colors on the list {the color of 2014}.
  6. Royal Blue - adds versatility and excitement.
  7. Misted Yellow - adds a sense of optimism to your look...spring will be here sooner than you think!
  8. Aluminum - futuristic tone adding a neutral for all the colors.
  9. Aurora Red - adds sophistication and spark.
  10. Sangria - exotic hue that evokes a sense of adventurous glamor.
We can always count on Pantone to set the tone...right?! lol

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