Thursday, March 13, 2014

Special Request: Client - Kendra Thornton is Traveling to Las Vegas...Casino/Club Hopping {Style Help *CONTEST*}

That Fashion Chick received a special email from Kendra Thornton, @kendrathornton!
'Kendra's Night out' Challenge:

Fun Fashions for a Night in Sin City

I’m so excited about planning for my upcoming outing to Las Vegas. Although I’m looking forward to this excursion, I’m a little worried about committing a fashion faux pas, and I’d like a little advice. Will you help me come up with the perfect outfit to wear when I enjoy cocktails and dancing at one of the clubs in The Palms Resort and Casino? I look forward to reviewing your fashion-savvy recommendations. To help you out a little, here’s a description of one of the clubs where I plan to spend some time.

Moon Nightclub

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to dance the night away at one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. The dance floor at Moon Nightclub is always packed with writhing bodies grooving to the tunes cranked out by the DJs. Of course, the packed dance floor can get literally steamy with all those people packed into a single area. When I need a break, I can relax in one of the booths that sets along the edge of the dance floor. On that beautiful Las Vegas night, I might even venture outdoors to take in the city lights.

Las Vegas is a city with unique style and flavor. No place in the world is like it. There are more things to do here than a person could do in a lifetime. For this reason, I turned to expert travel advice and read reviews from other travelers that know the area best. The members at Gogobot helped me to build a perfect itinerary and find the best hotels and restaurants on the strip. Whether I take in a show, enjoy a dinner in one of the city’s world-famous restaurants, play blackjack and poker, or dance the night away, I know I’ll have more fun if I look great. Have fun coming up with amazing fashions that I can sport during my getaway. I look forward to seeing what you recommend.
Thank you Kendra Thornton for offering That Fashion Chick the challenge {she likes the blog}!! =D

Lakia Fashae': A party look is so fun to do. This look in particular gave me so much leeway; I HAD to stay focus so I kept my key points in mind: comfort, comfort, style, That Fashion Chick, comfort {in that order}. 

This dress is perfect to me, because it's not tight fitting, so Kendra can move and dance comfortably for a while {and that's great ventilation right there!}. Little Black Dress 2014...accessories that flow and give options, for now and later {later may come sooner *wink*}. 

Wedged heels were my choice off bat, but they had to HIT-IT with style. Wedges are comfortable, but platform wedges are on a whole other level {no pun intended}. That's the comfort that can withstand the bumping beats while feeling good on the dance floor...then heading over to the casinos to get lucky. Kendra can't Vegas...with this look.

Lakia Fashae'

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