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Thoughts for the Fashion World: what's going on in {fashion inspiration}

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I came across an article on The BoF {Business of Fashion} newsletter by Vanessa Friedman titled, Is Fashion too safe? The  article is thought provoking and a good read.

Here are a couple points:
Word is that retailers will no longer take gambles on new designers, or on old designers with new looks, or on any look that doesn’t look like the last look that sold well, because they make their buy according to the buy that worked the season before – because it is (say it with me) safer.

Open any glossy magazine and there, staring from advertisements and editorial alike are Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour – old models and proven sales vehicles. The same goes for all those celebrities whose contracts get bigger and bigger even as the viewing public declares itself to be over the stars-sells-stuff idea. No matter: go with the known.

Seems like she had to get some stuff off her chest and I guess she is pushing designers not to be so safe. Separate from my thoughts…she ends her article with “I dare you”

I do get where she is coming from.

Fashion is my passion because I have something to art, my thoughts and my contribution as a  fashion designer. Like Friedman stated in her article:‘Fashion is predicated on giving people what they did not know they wanted’. Though, I feel that fashion is right where it needs to be.  

Certain points stated in the article can get fine-tuned and leveled out, OR end not so well. But fashion is more risky than ever. Have you seen Prada’s Spring 2014 RTW Collection? And count on Chanel to bring new designs and great style inspiration {from head-to-toe}, to the runway. There are more

A lot of different fashion pieces have been upgraded too. Check out the Trend Alert and Polyvore post.  Any new designer bringing their weird and different thing has my ‘go for it’, because that’s what keeps fashion alive.

If anything fashion is getting redundant, but it happens. It is really every designer’s game right now. NYFW just passed and a lot of new designers showed their impressive collections. We’ve reached a time in fashion I used to dream of college -a way to really get in, but my way. So anyone up and coming in fashion {designers in particular} can change the game and breathe new life in the Fashion World…ANYONE.   

I don’t think it’s too safe, but a new era in fashion is approaching. Will it be safe? I don’t think so.

…this is a great conversation piece.

Business of Fashion

*Oh, its London Fashion week...Runway faves are coming!

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