Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fashion Talk: Nail Art is out....?

Fashion Talk: Nail Art is out

The fashion streets are talking…the word is: Nail Art is on life support! NOOOOO!!...okay, well not that drastic BUT it’s not as popular as it recently has been. TFC is a fan of nail art {we have our share of post}, but honestly…it was only a matter of timeNails have been a hot topic for a while now…but some things just get old

via The Cut:
Numbers are still high (sales grew by 19 percent), but the pace of growth is down overall, even as beauty retailers (i.e. Sephora) and drugstores are dedicating space and money to nail-art-specific lines.

"Marc Jacobs declared that his favorite nail polish color is clear. Anna Wintour recently published an essay penned by self-professed nail-art addict Eva Chen about the former Teen Vogue beauty editor's personal
nail art detox." Jin Soon Choi, editorial manicurist, told WWD"I feel a bit tired of all the gimmicks."

The natural transition from nail art is going back to the basics: solids. Focus more on shape and polish effects like metallic, crackle, shine and etc. you can put away the feathers, beads and leaves {the 3D STUFF}. I'm all for classic and chic; it will be okay, you'll know when to "Bling BLOW" your nails
again! =D

Picture: lakiafashae polyvore
The Cut

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