Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Find: Printed Sneakers for Fall

Fashion Find: Printed Sneakers

I've been on a sneaker hunt for Fall. If you're a sneaker chick like me, you're thinking these are pretty dope! The price is even better: $78/each. Nice huh. This is one of my favorite sneaker silhouettes {works for all}. I love the form and the way it feels on my feet {these happen to be sneaker wedges}. A jean with a little bag, straight-leg and/or skinny jeans are the different types of jeans I would pair with them....and cropped pants in the summer {year round shoe}. 

I'm still looking for the best sneaker, but these are top on my list for now. These printed sneakers will work wonders for my personal style {Tomboy-chic}


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