Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's a Collaboration: Kimberly Ovitz + Shapeways {3D jewelry}

Kimberly Ovitz

We love new and innovative products and brands in the fashion industryFashion designer, Kimberly Ovitz has a new jewelry collection and it's not just any jewelry...it's 3DOvitz is collaborating  with Shapeways, which is a 3D company {sounds very interesting}.

Rings from Kimberly Ovitz’s 3D-printed jewelry line

The collection will consist of 5 designs.  This collaboration is actually something to pay attention to for the fashion world.  They're saying:

via The High Low: 

It also, however, represents a new way to speed up the turnaround from runway to production, which is increasingly required of designers across the fashion spectrum.  Because of the efficiency of 3D printing, Ovitz will be able to market her jewelry within two or three weeks after unveiling it at her show. Thanks to the flexible production process, Ovitz also intends to let her customers create personalized pieces and provide input on future designs.

We will be keeping up with this collection for sure!

The High Low

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